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Our History

Founded in 1960, the George Sherman Corporation is celebrating over 50 years as a family owned business. Beginning as Donovan and Sherman Corporation now known as the George Sherman Corporation we have evolved over the years into one of the most recognized and dependable plumbing, heating and air conditioning companies. In the early 80's, the heating oil division of Waples Lumber was purchased and is now known as Sherman Heating Oils. Obtaining a heating oil division adds another element of service for our customers heating needs from fuels to gas fireplaces. We proudly serve customers of Kent and Sussex Counties in Delaware and Wicomico and Worcester in Maryland.

We began redesigning the customer care experience and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary with the opening of our brand new Sherman Solution Center. This 3,600 square foot interactive showroom is for educating the customer on the quality of the products we provide by allowing them the opportunity to see, feel, touch and compare a multitude of different products from kitchen faucets to fireplaces.

At George Sherman going above and beyond for our customers isn't a slogan it is in the heart of every employee. Our goal is to provide every customer with remarkable service that exceeds his or her expectations. We employ only the most qualified plumbing and HVAC technicians and we are committed to their ongoing education and training keeping them up to date on their skills, current trends and certifications.

Sherman is now providing environmental services to further our customer's satisfaction.

"Success is something you need to build on, not lean on" - Dean Sherman

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